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Piano Chords for Beginners

Piano Chords for Beginners

Piano Chords For Beginners – Basic Lessons

For Piano chords for beginners you need to learn is how to play a major chord that is the 1st chord. The major chord basic formula is the root-note, then the note two-steps away, then one-step and a half away. So the C-major chord would be C, then two-steps are E, then a step and a half is G.

Piano Chords for Beginners – C Minor Chord

So the C major chord is C, E, and G. Now the C- minor chord is to obtain the second-note which is E and Eb is lowering it one-half step. So the C-minor chord is C, G, and Eb. Now from here you can form the Diminished chord. You should lower the 3rd note one-half step. So the C-diminished chord is C, Eb, and Gb. To find the Major, Minor, and diminished chords you can apply that to any note on the piano.

Piano Chords for Beginners – Augmented chords

Now the final basic-chord you can form is the “Augmented chords”. To make this chord take a major chord and raise the 3rd note one-half step. So a C-augmented chord is C, E, and Ab.

On the piano you can play four basic chords. From there you can include things like 9th, 11th and 13th major. So to play the 9th, 11th and 13th chord you basically need to look at the scale as letters you count it as numbers. So if you are playing a C-major chord and you want to add a 9th chord to that which will give it a fuller sound you just count-up 9 from C.

Piano Chords for Beginners – D and F chords

As a continuation you end-up with D and from there you can find the 11th just count and you get to F. Then from there you sustain up to the 13 number and you have your 13th-note. Then in your right hand side you have C, F, A and you markdown the E and G. With these Piano chords for beginners you can be an excellent piano player.There many places where you can start your lessons for piano chords for beginners, one of the best place to look for good and not to expensive piano chords for beginners courses is the Internet.



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